As-built Rates

Our fees for as-built drawings are based on several variables:

  • Overall square footage (economies of scale can be achieved with large projects)
  • Complexity of space (open plan vs. high density)
  • Access to space (building access is during typical work hours vs. between midnight and 2am)
  • Scope of deliverable (as-built floor plans vs. floor plans + elevations + building sections)
  • Type of Plan (basic as-built floor plans vs. detailed)

Residential & commercial as built quotes available on a cents per square foot basis. We also have contracts available for residential as builts.

Drafting Rates

Drafting Rate is $100 per hour.
Bond Plots are $5 a sheet.
Vellum Plots are $10 a sheet.
RDA (Rapid Data Acquisition) is $100 per hour.


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