Our As-built Methods & Technology

Our measuring tools and data collection techniques for producing as-builts are continually evolving to keep up with this ever changing industry. Fog City As-builts realized that the established practice of a person with a laser and a CAD station had several drawbacks. Although our standards provide precise as-built documentation, we were frustrated with the disadvantages of solely relying on hand held lasers. Angled buildings, sloped site plans, hard to reach elevations and large commercial projects resulted in an element of guess work and assumption during the as-built measuring process.

Our investment in a Leica Total Station took us to the next level in terms of accuracy and speed of data collection. The Total Station, has given us the ability to measure angles, slopes and lengths even at a great distance. These advances afford us the opportunity to offer additional as-built services, such as spot elevations complementary to our clients. We pass these time and cost savings onto our clients.  

Reflecting our commitment to New World Technology, Fog City As-builts is energized by the potential of integrating Revit BIM with our current methods of producing as-built drawings.

Depending on specific project requirements and unique site conditions we will deploy one or all of our technical tools, in providing a set of quality as-builts.

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Stephen Sutro, AIA, Sutro Architects:

"I have found Fog City As-builts to be efficient, reliable and accurate. They are flexible when our projects require unusual as-built documentation, pleasant to work with, and consistently accurate."

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