About Fog City As-builts

Our History

We are a locally owned San Francisco as-built company. We have succeeded in building a reputation for accurate detailed work with a friendly, customer first attitude to our clients. In 2003, Joel Kirk began work as an independent contractor producing as-built drawings. He was soon working side by side with Cielo Giorgio, as they utilized the huge increase in productivity and accuracy that a two man team provides. With the addition of Paola Giorgio Fog City As-builts added wisdom to compliment its youthful energy and drive.

Our Passion

In the best tradition of family run companies, we have blended the strong attributes from its three founders. A passion for measuring and drawing existing conditions of buildings, a desire for keeping abreast of technological advancements in the industry of measured drawings and over thirty years of real world business experience. As a trio, we are determined our bay area as-built company participate in Community based projects and donate to non-profit organizations, because we believe that forming a successful business is not just what you take out but what you put back in to your community.

Our Mission

“New World Technology, Old World Service”  rolled off the tongue one day and immediately resonated. It soon became our Mission Statement because it encapsulated our core attitudes to life and business. " New World Technology"  is our desire to stay on top of the latest advances in tools and software in order to provide our clients with the highest quality as-built drawings. “Old World Service” is an expression of our commitment to building lasting relationships with our clients: to meet their needs with a willingness to be creative, flexible and treat each job as a unique set of existing conditions.

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About the founders of Fog City Drafting